Dear God, Thank you for sharing your goodness. Please: Give us peace in our hearts, Love in our souls, Kindness in our hands, The strength to be hopeful and helpful - To follow in Jesus’s footsteps. In all that we do may our values shine through. In Jesus’s name, Amen

Behaviour at Eardisley

Eardisley CE Primary School has a deservedly good reputation for excellent behavior, and for the quality of the relationships between children and between children and staff. We believe that effective learning and quality relationships go hand in hand

At Eardisley CE Primary School we make school life a positive and enjoyable experience by providing an environment which is friendly, caring and secure. Confidence and self esteem is promoted in children and adults alike through an emphasis on mutual respect and consideration for others

Children are encouraged to be polite and well-behaved at all times. They are taught about good behaviour in assemblies and lessons and adults take every opportunity to model and reinforce good standards. Good behaviour is noted and rewarded and used as an exemplar to other children through verbal praise and acknowledgement and through our system of house points and weekly Merit Certificates and Values Awards. The children are responsible for formulating and keeping their class rules and our School Qualities, and they understand the rewards and sanctions involved

The school environment is such that emotional, verbal, physical and racist bullying and vandalism are unacceptable and are not tolerated. Strategies for dealing with behavioral issues are positive wherever possible, and appropriate to the child’s age. When sanctions are applied, the emphasis is on making reparation for damage done. Wherever there is a continuing problem with a child’s behavior, we arrange to discuss the issue with the parents. A joint approach is always beneficial to the child