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The Eardisley CE Primary School uniform is smart, yet practical. We make every effort to keep costs as reasonable as possible

The uniform consists of:
  • dark grey trousers/shorts/skirts red polo shirts
  • sweatshirts with logo and/or zip-up fleece
  • red gingham dresses in summer (optional)
  • and sensible black/brown school shoes
As the weather is unpredictable, having a waterproof jacket at school is often very useful but throughout the winter months your child will need to have a warm coat

PE Kit
Your child will need a PE kit of
  • red t shirt
  • black shorts
  • Pumps or trainers
  • They will also need tracksuit bottoms or leggings for outdoor sport in the colder weather
Pupils can wear their PE uniform to school on their allocated PE days
In Beech and Oak Classes (KS2) children will sometimes need football boots – teachers will send out this information if required
Children in Years 1 – 6 will also swim for one term and separate letters will be sent out about this

We offer two providers who will supply items of uniform with our logo and additional items you may need for your child
We also have a supply of second-hand uniform in good condition available through FOES. Please ask in the office for contact details

Clubsport, ( Home – Clubsport ) is a local company (Kington) and is offering a range of uniform items at competitive prices. They will offer a click and collect service to save on delivery charges for any order placed over the internet. Items can be collected from any of their stores
Alternatively, you can go into the shop and see for yourself what they offer

Our alternative school uniform supplier, School Trends, also provides an online system for parents to order our school uniform.  Please click on the link FIND YOUR SCHOOL and enter Eardisley

A full range of school uniform is available for you to browse and order, including; trousers, skirts, shorts

There are also additional items available such as fleeces, coats, cardigans, hats and school bags all of which have the Eardisley CE Primary School logo and all of which are functional and look smart too
Please come and speak to us at any time if you have difficulties with affording the school uniform – we are here to help!

Please encourage your child to dress and undress independently. Children should also be able to manage their own personal hygiene. We do have a small reserve of items in the event of any ‘accidents’, but a spare pair of their own underwear, in their PE bag, would be useful
School Bags and Drinks Bottles
A Book Bag is provided for each of our new children by the school. This is a valuable link between school and should be brought into school every day. We encourage pupils to bring a drink of water, please ensure it is child friendly and easily sealed to avoid leakage

For safety reasons, children should not wear jewellery to school. Children with pierced ears may wear small studs, providing that parents accept full responsibility in the event of any related accident. Pupils should not wear earrings on PE days. Children will be asked to remove any jewellery that breaches safety requirements

Please ensure that ALL items are clearly named, preferably with iron/sewn in tags. Biro etc. washes out quite quickly so please use a permanent pen if marking this way. It is also helpful to show your child where their property is labelled so that they can identify it for themselves