Dear God, Thank you for sharing your goodness. Please: Give us peace in our hearts, Love in our souls, Kindness in our hands, The strength to be hopeful and helpful - To follow in Jesus’s footsteps. In all that we do may our values shine through. In Jesus’s name, Amen

Vision & Values

“In all that we do our values shine through.”

At Eardisley CE Primary School, our vision is to live out through Friendship and Determination, the Christian teaching to ‘love one another.’ This vision, rooted in our shared values, will guide, inspire and nourish, bringing Joy to all.

(John 15:12)
Eardisley CE Primary School is a Christian values-based school and these values underpin all that we do.

This approach enables children to discuss, explore and reflect upon those values we live by which make us thoughtful, caring and responsible citizens. We explore each Christian value month by month during our assemblies and lessons. Through this our children develop an understanding of themselves and their behaviour and are helped to realise how their actions affect others. See our attached 2023-24 Collective Worship Schedule below for more information.

This year, the School Council has chosen the following Christian values for us to reflect upon as a school in conjunction with our British values:
Our Christian values-based approach encourages commitment, effort and high standards in all that we do. These virtues are reflected in all that Eardisley CE Primary School stands for. They have been translated by the School Council to form our school values for living and learning.

  Christian Values British Values
September 2023 Compassion Respect & Tolerance
October 2023 Service Mutual Respect & Democracy
November 2023 Peace Democracy, Tolerance & Mutual Respect
December 2023 Generosity Mutual Respect & Tolerance
January 2024 Respect & Reverence Respect
February 2024 Love Tolerance & Democracy
March 2024 Perseverance Respect & Individual Liberty
April 2024 Forgiveness Rule of Law & Democracy
May 2024 Courage Individual Liberty
June 2024 Gratitude Democracy & Rule of Law
July 2024 Hope Individual Liberty