Dear God, Thank you for sharing your goodness. Please: Give us peace in our hearts, Love in our souls, Kindness in our hands, The strength to be hopeful and helpful - To follow in Jesus’s footsteps. In all that we do may our values shine through. In Jesus’s name, Amen

Outdoor Learning & Forest Schools

At Eardisley CE Primary School we are proud to say we adopt a Forest Schools approach as part of our teaching and learning philosophy. This means that we run projects from our own grounds and our nearby forest site!

In enabling children to participate in the outdoor experience, we aim to :

  • encourage independence and team building
  • encourage exploration and experimentation through solving practical problems
  • foster an understanding of our connection to the natural world
  • develop a sense of achievement and well-being
  • develop a knowledge and appreciation of the environment
  • develop confidence in challenging situations
  • encourage self-assessment and self-management of risk
  • link these positive outdoor experiences with topic work in class
  • introduce new skills and ways of working which children may not have experienced before
  • Children love being outdoors and all the work we do outside is extra-special as a result! This kind of teaching is undertaken throughout all phases of the school, both in time specifically allocated to the subject and across the outdoor learning curriculum

Sessions at Eardisley CE Primary School involve elements such as:

  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Orienteering and trail work
  • Shelters and camp craft
  • Local biodiversity
  • Education for sustainability
  • The outdoor learning environment we hope will inspire and nurture the children in a manner in which they can feel safe, happy and challenged